Tempo per Me

As I finish up my last year of college and push my way through my last few difficult classes, I have to remind myself to take a few evenings to do something I love. Something I always look forward to when I have some time to myself, or ‘tempo per me’ as they would say in Italy, is to cook. The sensory stimulation of aroma, touch, taste, and visual delight will always be the way that I slow down in this fast paced American lifestyle we are living. In Italy my roommate Madi and I both loved cooking and would have an absolute ball going to the farmers market for fresh ingredients to inspire a four course meal collaborated by our creative little minds.

What is it about the way your knife slides through cured prosciutto slices, the aroma released from the smash of your knife over a closed galic clove? The smell of fresh herbs you grow in your kitchen that add such life and depth to an otherwise simple dish. Taking an evening to cook accompanied with a single balanced glass of sangiovese while listening to some Dean Martin is simply bliss for me.

There is truly no satisfaction quite like the feeling of creating a from scratch, fresh ingredient, delectable, and beautiful dish.

I believe that is why I find such enjoyment through this blogging page and reading others’ cooking blogs. It is as if I am connected with people who share this feeling. I am eternally thankful to my family’s Italian heritage and my mother in particular for making me into the person I am, who looks forward to little things like these. My time studying in Italy taught me to appreciate and slowly enjoy food on a level I never had before. If you take a moment to experience la dolce vita alongside the locals, you will learn how to truly taste food, to sense the textures, freshness, and depth of flavor combinations that arouse your palate. It is a beautiful thing that is the cause of me longing to return to this slowed down version of life across the ocean in beautiful Italy. Until then, I will always take some tempo per me to create a dish I have been longing to try and will always share the results of the recipes worth everyone knowing of.

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closing xox jenna


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