Dining and Cocktailing in The City of Lights

I recently just returned from a trip back to Europe with my family in which I spent five days in Paris. The last time I was in the beautiful city of lights it was a rather rushed 24 hours…therefore I did not get to experience the local cuisine to the extent I would have wished. This being so, I made sure of it that I would get to experience some real, authentic French dishes on this stay in Paris.

Here are a few of the best restaurants I dined at that I will definitely be returning to; and highly recommend you to try!

At these places I had amazing food, tried new things, and did not break the bank.

1. Cafe du Commerce

This is a darling brasserie which I was recommended to go to by a local one evening. It is located in the 15th arrondisement, very near to the Eiffel Tower…but still off the beaten track enough to not be tacky tourist food.

The waiters are so kind and you will be greeted warmly and offered a table. It does get rather busy so I would recommend making a reservation, just to be sure that you will not have to wait long.

A few must tries: The pigs feet (yes you read that correctly…hey…when in paris, right!?) & the duck. I’m not quite sure what the duck dish was called but it was slow braised and did I mention divine. Everything here was delicious, even the in house made desserts were creamy and fresh tasting to a T. 

2. Francois Felix 

We stumbled upon this little gem after a day of shopping on Rue Saint Honore, recommended by some locals. It is fairly close and down a quaint side street near the high profile stores such as Hermes and Cartier. It is a fun upbeat little bistrot which some amazing food and service. They are very friendly and the food is authentic, real, french food at great prices. Also, it is right across the street from Buddha Bar… which we did not know at the time but it turned out to be the perfect night itinerary.

Must Try: The Duck, once again is AMAZING here. I believe that this was the best duck I have ever had in my life. The scalloped potatoes were melt in your mouth amazing that keeps you scraping the dish. Also, do indulge in some of the ice cream…particularly a scoop of the salted caramel. YUM.

3. Buddha Bar

Lastly, I would recommend Buddha Bar for any late night cocktailing you plan on doing in Paris. It is very exclusive as to who gets in, men cannot wear shorts. They are pretty picky so I would save this for a night where you are dolled up, but then again…why shouldn’t you be dolled up in Paris. It is a posh restaurant/late night bar that looks tiny as you enter but soon opens up into a two story low-lit atomshere centered around a big gold buddha. The bar on the second floor is chic and has an amazing drink menu. The whole second floor is furnished with lounge cushions and low tables for your relaxing as you enjoy a signature cokctail and the atosphere of Paris…while feeling like you are not in Paris.

It is a unique place that only has a few locations in the world including in Dubai and Moscow, but Paris is the original location. Basically, if you are here you have to try it out, its a unique experience you won’t find in many places. Sure the drinks are slightly pricey but hey…you’re in Paris.

Have any places you would revisit again and again? Share them in the comments along with any drink/meal recommendations!

closing xox jenna

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