Che Bella Notte: San Marco’s

Last night, I got together with my bestie cousin, Emmy, and had just the best time all night long. We got all dolled up and went to simply the best Italian restaurant in the area I live in: San Marco’s Ristorante.
IMG_9585 IMG_9598

We were greeted by the owner, Francesco (Frank), and taken back to a table in their wine room which was just beautiful. The room boasted an impressive variety of Super Tuscans, Amarone, Barolo, and Barberesco. Anyone going to dine there, I highly recommend requesting a table in this room as we did. The room is set back and the walls are covered in beautiful Italian wines, old chianti bottles, and rustic boxes with Dean Martin playing in the background. I felt as though I had stepped into a little part of Italian heaven.

We started with the gnocchi del barone, which was honestly the highlight of the meal. The gnocchi was so airy and light while the delicate gorgonzola cream sauce complimented it so well. I could’ve had two plates of that for my entree and have been a happy, happy girl. We then received complimentary bruschetta from Frank, and some bread with olive oil and spices. My entree, pictured below, was the gamberi e capasante livornese, which was simply delicious.  Tiger shrimp, sea scallops, and a small bed of angel hair pasta in a cognac brown sauce. Though it was delicious, next time I am eager to try one of the vitello dishes. We then of course, had dessert. Tiramisu and a chocolate cake that had cappuccino mousse filling, along with coffee. Frank also brought us over a complimentary delicious and refreshing moscato, he took care of us very well.

It was quite the experience but wouldn’t have quite been the same without Frank’s stories he told us after dessert about coming over on the ship from Italy when he was young. Lets just say he thought the ship accidentally landed in Africa rather than America. After he got situated here in America and started to learn some English, his friend from Florence came to visit and requested to try some “real American food”. So, Frank took him to Ted’s Hot Dogs. His friend then asked him how to say “hot dog” in Italian, Frank tried to explain that it does not translate exactly to Italian. He tried “cane caldo” which is direct translate to meaning a dog that is hot. Frank’s friend replied with, “well why did they give me that part of the dog!”

Needless, to say, San Marco’s ristorante was quite an enchanting experience and I will be returning again and again. I promised Frank I would return after my stay in Italy and we will have a fluent conversation in Italian, though he insists I will not be returning after staying there. Frank kissed us goodbye (literally) and I have been dying to return back since. Ciao!

Screen shot 2013-12-29 at 9.54.53 PM


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